So Liminal Music came about years ago.. the first seeds were planted in a U of M anthropology class.  I forget the prof’s name, but we talked extensively about the concept of Liminality, particularly in tribal societies and how great ceremony and importance was placed on transitioning members in the society from one state to another. and how once you’ve moved (or have been moved) from one state to the next, there is no going back.

Definition of liminal

  1. of or relating to a sensory threshold

  2. barely perceptible

  3. of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition :  in-between, transitional<in the liminal state between life and death — Deborah Jowitt> source HTTP://WWW.MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM/DICTIONARY/LIMINAL

I became somewhat fascinated by the moment, wanting to savour and understand and extend that moment, however inevitable, as you teeter on the precipice of new identity, new consciousness, altered state and taking that long last breath of innocence let yourself fall into the void, tumbling along, swept away by the current until you arise on the new shore and everything is different.

Music is like that. when you hear a song or album for the time, you experience that moment, and it can take you to a new place. A new understanding. Then after you wonder how you ever existed without this song, those words, that music in your mind. It doesn’t seem possible.

Later I wrote a song called Liminal Moment, which is loosely about the end of a relationship where the object of my affections was moving on to a new place having had her own Liminal experience and I’m left behind, trying to hold onto the last moment of “Us” before I go back to being “Just me”

Liminal music started about the same time. I started to tag all my songs as Liminal Music compositions.  And now I’ve given it life online.  I hope to use this space to comment on music (live and recorded) that I love and that moves me.  I also hope to post some original songs here in keeping with my my new (old) {renewed?} motto “Life is too short to be afraid”

Now go listen to some great music that moves you.

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