Chapbook ~ concept

Many years ago I had an idea for an album. It was to be called “Chapbook” and come in a

November 13, 2017

Ok so this weeks challenge was to take two or more existing songs you’ve written or partly written and create

July 29, 2016
Week 3 S.A.C. 4×4 Challenge

Collaboration So this week I knew was going to be a challenge, after completing week 2 by the skin of

July 23, 2016
Week 2 ~ S.A.C. 4×4 Challenge

So this week’s challenge was posted by Brian Potvin – of the Northern Pikes – Growing up in Winnipeg (and

July 16, 2016
Week 1 ~ S.A.C. 4×4 Challenge

Oops, I did it again… Signed up for another Songwriters Association of Canada Songwriting Challenge. I’ve done two before, both

July 7, 2016
Bandolier Brigade
I got a cut and I liked it…

So a while back I did a 6 songs in 6 weeks songwriting challenge put on by the Songwriters Association

June 17, 2016
Expo 86! My Vancouver Debut

In 1986, my school came to Vancouver on a Band trip. We were here for a week to perform at

May 15, 2016
YVR SongShop 2106

I recently spent an inspiring week with 30 awesome songwriters, totally immersed in the world of song. YVR SongShop is an

May 11, 2016
CBC Radio – Early Edition Contest

So I’m laying in bed one morning, and my alarm goes off and so I’m listening to Rick Cluff on

April 26, 2016
On stage at U2!

It was a bright California Saturday morning. The stadium was relatively peaceful, with only a few people milling about, cleaning and

March 30, 2016
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